Holistic Physiotherapy

for pain, movement & postural dysfunction

Your knowledge about yourself is invaluable, you are an expert in you and we will need to work together in order to successfully treat your condition. We will need to consider your previous medical history, life events and 24-hour postures to help understand why your soft tissue weakness, tightness or pain has occurred. 

I will look at your entire body and posture and how you move as a whole. You are not just a joint or a muscle. The body is a complex system where the movement is dependent on how all the body parts stack and integrate with one another. It is therefore impossible to look at one area in isolation. 

Specific objective markers will be used to help identify key problem areas and to monitor your progress. I will use hands on soft tissue techniques to lengthen tight muscles and loosen stiff joints, then strengthen your body in its new alignment. Active work will help feedback to the brain and reinforce this new posture.

Bespoke advice and exercises will be given to enhance your knowledge and enable you to manage and improve your own condition.