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Neuro Physiotherapy

Specialist physiotherapy for clients with neurological conditions


Parkinson's Disease, Stroke, MS, Peripheral Neuropathies, Ataxia, Nerve impingements

I have specialised in neurological physiotherapy over the last 14 years developing a broad knowledge base, excellent assessment skills and become accomplished in a variety of therapeutic treatments.
I utilise key principles of the Bobath Concept in my assessment and treatment. The Bobath Concept looks at rebalancing body posture, alignment and muscle activation, in relation to the environment, to improve functional movement patterns throughout the entire body.
My specialist skills include specific hands on manual therapy, myofascial release, strength training, bespoke exercise prescription, gait and balance re-education, and neuro-muscular electrical stimulation
I have a genuine client centred approach and implement dynamic programmes that respond to the individual’s physical needs, expectations and lifestyle.

Neuro Physio Testimonials

Parkinson's rehab

Bev has been very helpful in delivering Parkinson's treatment. She has a very in-depth knowledge and understanding that makes her able to deliver effective treatment of Parkinson's. Bev has a kind nature and has an authentic approach which I appreciate deeply.


Stroke rehab 

Bev is an incredible physio who has worked tirelessly to help me with my mobility following a stroke. With a combination of exercises and massage therapy I have seen an amazing improvement and can't thank her enough. She is very professional , encouraging and caring. I would thoroughly recommend her.


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