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Below are just some of the many reviews that her clients have written about the Physio treatments that Bev offers.

I can't thank her enough

I had suffered from 'tennis elbow' and shoulder problems for a long time, caused by being a professional guitarist for fifty years. I tried everything - acupuncture, injections, ultrasound and saw various professionals over the years.

I had just resigned myself to living with those aches and pains for the rest of my life and then met Beverley.

Her encouragement and caring attitude, her knowledge and skill and her confidence in her ability to help me gave me hope., and from then on I felt that I'd turned the corner and that it was actually possible that I could, with her help and a lot of determination on my part, get rid of the RSI problems altogether. And that is what happened. It's taken quite a while to undo what the years of playing the guitar has done but I'm now actually pain-free and have been for a few months. I feel stronger as time goes by and its all down to Beverley. I can't thank her enough.

Targeted exercise and massage

I have been seeing Beverley for several years now in respect of an unusual progressive neurological condition that is complicated further as a result of some arthritis.


During this time her skill and professionalism, thoroughness and attention to detail has produced positive progress in the management of my condition and alleviated a number of my symptoms.

She has achieved results and improvements conservatively through targeted exercise and massage and avoided the interventionist route of surgery which was fraught with uncertainty and complications.


Beverley is an exceptional practitioner with a genuine interest in maximising her patients protential and she will go the mile and beyond to achieve this.

Stroke Rehab

Beverley Ball has been helping me recover after suffering from a Stroke and her kindness and care are beyond reproach. This is in addition to her most professional attitude to her work.

I feel virtually normal again

After the blurs of new born days had passed I realised my C-section was not healing as it should; it was still painful and sore to touch. I have now had three sessions with Bev and I can honestly say I feel virtually normal again. Bev has worked an absolute miracle and I couldn't be happier!

Breast cancer scar work

Following breast cancer surgery, reconstruction, radiotherapy and the other plethora of treatments that I have received over the last year I came to see Bev.


Bev was a breath of fresh air. She took the time to listen to me, what my problems were and how they affected me on a daily basis. 

For the first time in nearly a year I have not been woken up with pain (and I’ve actually reduced my pain relief). My movement and daytime pain have improved but just as importantly so has my confidence. I’m becoming a little more me and I have Bev to thank for that because she took the time to find out how this was all impacting my day-to-day life. Thank you, Bev. I couldn’t recommend you more highly.

C-Section scar work

I never realised what an effect my c section scar could have on my body until I saw Bev put some information on scar work on her website.  I suddenly realised that I had quite a few of the problems it could cause a year on, like back pain, but had assumed it was down to carrying a baby about.  I saw Bev for 4 sessions in total and I'm amazed!  She is really friendly, easy to talk to and puts you at ease straight away. I felt comfortable with her considering it can be a little bit intimate but she explains what she will do and why first. 


She not only focuses on the actual scar but having found mine was causing issues down one whole side of my body she worked on a different part each week.  Releasing my back, shoulder, hips, ribs and feet. She then gave me exercises and emailed them to me as well so I have the tools to manage it from home.  If I have any pain now I can do what she taught me and it eases off almost instantly.


Also just seeing the difference in my scar in the 4 sessions is incredible as the redness has gone and it's much flatter and smoother. I would definitely recommended Bev and will be going back to see her for a different issue.  Thank you so much Bev.

Lovely clean and spacious clinic

Lovely clean, comfortable and spacious clinic. And we cannot rate Bev highly enough. She was awesome with my young teenage son, putting him completely at ease.  Bev is personable, professional and thorough. 100% recommend.

With Bev it was different

Physio historically for me has been a few exercises, go away with no difference. With Bev the experience is so different.


I explained I was hypermobile as well as the pain etc....and within less than 3 months - not only zero pain but advice and an exercise program was developed by Bev to empower me to self manage.


I run 5k each week and sometimes 10k no shin splints, not too out the norm aches and pains- she is brilliant - I really recommend

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