Beverley Ball changed my life.

I had suffered from 'tennis elbow' and shoulder problems for a long time, caused by being a professional guitarist for fifty years. I tried everything - acupuncture, injections, ultrasound and saw various professionals over the years.

I had just resigned myself to living with those aches and pains for the rest of my life and then met Beverley.

Her encouragement and caring attitude, her knowledge and skill and her confidence in her ability to help me gave me hope., and from then on I felt that I'd turned the corner and that it was actually possible that I could, with her help and a lot of determination on my part, get rid of the RSI problems altogether. And that is what happened. It's taken quite a while to undo what the years of playing the guitar has done but I'm now actually pain-free and have been for a few months. I feel stronger as time goes by and its all down to Beverley. I can't thank her enough.