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Scar Work

A gentle approach to healing and soft tissue realignment

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Integrated body Scar Work & Myofascial Release

Scar Work Massage Therapy

A Scar consists of fibrous tissue that is laid down in a mis matched fashion so it is not as structurally sound as uninjured tissue. Scar tissue is not as flexible and can disrupt smooth movement between the fascial layers, causing adhesions, sensitivity, pain and weakness.

Scar Work therapy uses a variety of light techniques which are applied to the scar and surrounding tissues to create better movement between the layers of skin, fascia (connective tissue) and muscle. It stimulates the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous system. It helps integrate the scar into movement, reduce pain, tightness, sensitivity and numbness. Visually cosmetic changes can occur; the scar often appears smaller, lighter and less prominent. All kinds of scars can be worked on from very old to newly healed. The scar could be the result of an accident, operation or cosmetic surgery.

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 trained Sharon Wheeler's Scar Work
Oncology Scar Specialist

Bev has extensive specific onchology scar work training with restore therapy and breast cancer-specific with both Sharon Wheeler's ScarWork and the late great Willie Fourie. Bev has also completed pelvic specialist training in post-abdominal surgery including c-sections and refresher courses with Sharon Wheeler herself.

Myofascial Release


Fascia is thin, tough, elastic connective tissue that surrounds, wraps and connects most of the structures in the human body. It is our soft skeleton that weaves throughout our body.


Myofascial Release (muscle connective tissue release) is a hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the muscle and surrounding soft tissue to release tightness in the muscle and help restores the natural slide and glide between the soft tissue layers.


This essential “time element” has to do with the viscous flow and the piezoelectric phenomenon: a low load (gentle pressure) applied slowly will allow a viscoelastic medium (connective tissue) to elongate.

Treating the connective tissue stimulates the circulation and lymphatic flow enhancing the healing process. It also improves how our muscles, joints and soft tissue integrate with each other, ultimately improving functional movement.

Scar Work Testimonials

Great hands on Skills

I was referred to Bev for scarwork as I was experiencing pain and tightness after my operation. Bev is brilliant, she is really knowledgeable, has great hands-on skills and takes the time to give really personalised treatment and advice. I can't recommend her enough!


Breast Cancer

Following Breast surgery, reconstruction, radiotherapy and the other plethora of treatments that I have received over the last year I came to see Bev.


Bev was a breath of fresh air. She took the time to listen to me, what my problems were and how they affected me on a daily basis. 

For the first time in nearly a year I have not been woken up with pain (and I’ve actually reduced my pain relief). My movement and daytime pain have improved but just as importantly so has my confidence. I’m becoming a little more me and I have Bev to thank for that because she took the time to find out how this was all impacting my day-to-day life. Thank you, Bev. I couldn’t recommend you more highly.


Post-operative scar...

I went to see Bev because I was having some problems with a post-operative scar, that was causing me a great deal of anxiety.  Bev was able to ease the tightness and reduce the build-up of fluid, meaning that I am far less aware of it on a daily basis.  Bev is friendly, professional and knowledgeable and I can't recommend her highly enough.

S. Gill.

C-Section scar work

Bev is amazing... I had so many issues after my second c-section, and she's supported me through her scar work and got me to a much better place. She's constantly working on her professional development, and staying on top of the changes and new ways to treat people. I just can't rate her highly enough.

T. Driver

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