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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Beverley Ball Physiotherapy Privacy Policy. This is a formal statement required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 2018. The GDPR is EU wide and seeks to protect and enhance the rights of EU data subjects.

When you commencing physiotherapy you provide personal information about yourself, including some which is legally regarded as special or sensitive as it is about your health and wellbeing. Bev Ball Physiotherapy takes the privacy, protection and processing of your data seriously. This policy describes privacy practices – what information I collect, how I collect it, why I collect it and what I do with it. This policy also outlines the rights and choices available to clients regarding such information. 

1. Beverley Ball Physiotherapy
Beverley Ball is an HCPC and CSP registered physiotherapist. Clinic appointments are based at Bev Ball Physio 2, Spain Buildings, 28 The Spain, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3LA. Home visits and community visits are also available. Parkinson’s exercise classes are based at the Avenue Pavilion, The Avenue, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4JQ. For the purpose of processing your personal data Beverley Ball is your controller.

2. What is Physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is a science-based profession that helps people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement, exercise, electrotherapy, manual therapy, massage, education and advice.  Assessments and treatments are carried out in accordance with the CSP guidelines. 

3. What Information is collected?
3.1 Personal information: Including title, name, date of birth, telephone number, address, email address

3.2 Multidisciplinary team name and contact information: GP, Consultant and any other relevant health care professional.  

3.2 Special categories of information: Only relevant and necessary information will be collected. This will include health records regarding present condition, previous medical history, medications, investigations and previous treatment. Other relevant information may be gathered from letters, handovers and referrals from other medical professionals. When information is gathered from a third party you have the right to be informed of the source and category of the data. Information regarding occupation, support network, hobbies, interests, life stresses, sleep habits, family history, rehab goals may also be relevant and necessary to collect. Quality of life questionnaire’s, out come measures, physiotherapy outcome measures, photographs and videos are also useful clinical tools.

3.3 Emergency contact: This includes the name and number of a person identified by the client.

4. How Do We Collect Such Information?
4.1 Your personal contact information will be collected and manually documented on initial contact. Relevant subjective and objective information from your physiotherapy appointments will be manually documented each session. Some information including reports, referral letters, photo assessment and exercise plans will be recorded and stored electronically.
4.2 Photos and videos will usually be taken on your phone or electronic device with your consent. Where possible the photos will be anonymized and not include your face. If photos are taken on the physiotherapy password protected mobile device they will be transferred to an exercise plan/ assessment table and deleted from the device within 24 hours. 

4.3. Please, where possible, do not send personal information of a special nature via facebook messenger, email or text as these methods are not secure. This is best discussed verbally in the session, over the phone in a confidential environment.


5. Why Do We Collect Such Information?
5.1 Contractual processing:
Your requesting treatment and our agreement to provide that care constitutes a contract. In order to provide you with the best healthcare possible it is necessary to collect details about your health and make a record of actions in the treatment sessions. You can of course refuse to provide the information but if you were to do that we would not be able to provide the treatment.

5.2 Legal obligation
It is a legal obligation that patient health care notes are recorded within 24 hours and stored for a minimum of 8 years.

5.3 Legitimate interests
We have a legitimate interest to collecting health care information because without it we could not do our job effectively. Class registers and emergency contact information are required in order to fulfil health and safety requirements for running an exercise class. It is necessary to have your GP and consultant details to allow for efficient communication to help ensure the best possible care e.g. request referral to another service, access post- surgical protocol, update on your treatment progress. If something is out of the ordinary post-surgery a photo may be required pre-treatment to protect the physiotherapists best interest.

5.4 Consent
Your personal contact information will be used for organising appointments and invoicing. On occasion it may be used to provide you with special offers, opportunities to volunteer for free treatment or to request a testimonial or review. Photos and video recording are used sometimes for clinic assessment and progress monitoring. Your informed consent will be obtained before such processing. 

6. How do we store and secure your information?

6.1 Beverley Ball Physiotherapy has implemented physical security measures designed to protect the Personal Information you share. Manual notes are not left unattended and are kept in a lockable cabinet. Electronic data is on password protected electronic equipment and backed up on encrypted storage device. Reports, letters and personal photo files are password protected with in the laptop. Computer Software is regularly updated and up to date malware protection in place. Please contact Beverley Ball if you would like more detailed information on how your data is stored and secured.
6.2 Information you have requested, once in your possession is your responsibility. You are encouraged to be careful, set a strong password for your account, and avoid leaving copies of letters and reports unattended or in an unsecure location.


7. How long do we store the information
It is a legal requirement in physiotherapy to store patient health care records for a minimum of 8 years after the contract has expired to meet the legal obligation. After 8 years all personal information will be deleted, unless any basic information needs to be retained by us to meet our future obligations to you, such as erasure of details.


8.Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties
8.1 Confidentiality is a legal obligation for all health care professionals this mean we will not share your information with third parties without your informed consent. All personal and sensitive information will be kept confidential in accordance with the legal requirements and professional codes of conduct. At times is may be useful to share your information with other health care professionals e.g. information supporting a referral request to your GP, a handover of findings to an orthotist to assist in their assessment, or explanation of positioning advice to carers. Your consent will be sort and documented before disclosing any of your information with another health care professional. 
There are, however exceptional cases where ethically or legally information may need to be given to relevant authorities, for example if we had reason to believe that someone, especially a child or vulnerable adult, is at serious risk of harm or to prevent a miscarriage of justice. We will discuss any proposed disclosure with you unless we believe that to do so could increase the level of risk to you or to someone else.
8.2 Invoices containing you name and address will be shared with a chartered accountant and when appropriate case managers and legal representatives.
8.3 Data will not be transferred outside of the EU without your informed consent


9. Your rights

9.1 Right to access 
You may request a copy of your data in writing or email to Beverley Ball. Please provide your name, address, telephone number, email address and the details of the information you require. Your identity will need to be verified so we will make a copy of your passport, driving license and/ or recent utility bill. Your request will be responded to within a reasonable time frame (no longer than 30 days) and in accordance with any applicable law. 

9.2 Right to rectification
If you believe any of the personal data we hold on you is inaccurate or incomplete please contact Beverley Ball directly and any necessary corrections to your data will be made promptly.

9.3 Right to erasure, right to withdraw consent, right to object and right to restrict data processing
In some circumstances you can ask for data held about you to be erased. You also have the right to withdraw your consent, object to or restrict certain types of processing at any time. An example might be data retained for marketing purposes. This does not include data where there is no overriding legitiament interest to retain the data. 

9.4 Right to data portability
You have the right to have data we hold about you to be transferred to another organisation.

9.5 Automated decision making and profiling
Beverley Ball physiotherapy does not use any systems which uses automated decision making or profiling in respect of your personal data.


10. Data breaches
Should your personal data that we control be lost, stolen or otherwise breached, where this constitutes to your right or freedoms, we will contact you without delay. We will explain the nature of the breach and the steps we are taking to deal with it.

11. Complaints
You can contact the ICO should you have you wish to complain about the way we process your data. More information can be found at concerns.

12. Contacting Us
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact Beverley Ball by email or Bev Ball Physio, Suite 2, The Spain Buildings, The Spain, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3LA

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