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Specialist classes dedicated in supporting people with Parkinson's

Parkinson's Exercise Class

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Power Pace Parkinson's Exercise Classes


Specialist exercise classes dedicated in supporting people with Parkinson's have been established since 2018. These Classes are run by Parkinson’s specific trained professionals Bev Ball and Phil Page at the Avenue Pavilion in Petersfield. Both are PD warrior trained.


Phil has been a personal trainer for over 13 years with extensive training in fitness behaviour, nutrition and exercise prescription for health.


Bev is LSVT Big accredited and part of the Parkinson's excellence network. Bev's skills were sort in the pandemic by Parkinson's UK to provide free access to exercise videos for people with Parkinson's.

The right kind of exercise everyday makes a massive difference in slowing the progression of symptoms. Exercise is Medicine! The Power Pace Parkinson's exercise class will incorporate specific evidence-based exercises, with the focus of improving amplitude (big movement), power, speed, posture, balance, walking and dual tasking brain gym.
The goal of the class is to provide a local, affordable movement therapy that helps put the individual back in control and stay motivated. The class will help people with Parkinson's feel empowered, providing some useful exercise tools in a supportive, positive and friendly environment.

Parkinson's Exercise Classes | Bev Ball  and Phil Page
Parkinson's Exercise Classes | Bev Ball Physio

Bev is passionate about Parkinson's and is often involved in community events and services. Bev recently swan to the Isle of Wight in the Positively Parkinson's Challenge.  I raised over 5k for Cure Parkinson's Trust. As a team over £50 000 was raised.


Parkinson's Exercise Class Testimonials

Parkinson's treatment

Bev's skills & enthusiasm for exercise in counteracting Parkinsons Disease, really shows through her work. Professional, friendly, always encouraging her clients.


Motivating and encouraging

Bev is excellent at motivating and encouraging you. She uses her knowledge to maintain a challenging but achievable exercise programe linking different methods. I come away feeling better and with my PD symptoms.


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