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The Petersfield Awards

2020 and 2021
Best Customer service

2018, 2019
Winner of Petersfield Business

Bev Ball offers a wide range of physiotherapy treatments and services in  her clinic Petersfield, Hampshire.  Bev provides physio in a holistic approach to for her clients including key components of the Bobath concept, Bespoke Exercise prescriptions, Manual Therapy, Movement & Postural facilitation and advice, Scar Work Therapy, Myofascial Release. Bev also runs Specialist Parkinson's exercise classes in Petersfield.

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Specialist physio for clients with neurological conditions

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Bev has specialised in neurological physiotherapy over the last 14 years developing a broad knowledge base, excellent assessment skills and become accomplished in a variety of therapeutic treatments.


For pain, movement & postural dysfunction

Holistic Approach

Bev will work with you to successfully treat your condition. She will need to consider your previous medical history, life events and 24-hour postures to help understand why your soft tissue weakness, tightness or pain has occurred.

Parkinson's Exercise Classes

Specialist classes dedicated in supporting people with Parkinson's

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Specialist exercise classes dedicated in supporting people with Parkinson's. These Classes are run by Parkinson’s specific trained professionals Bev Ball and Phil Page at the Avenue Pavilion in Petersfield. Both are PD warrior trained.

Scar Work Massage Therapy

A gentle approach to healing and soft tissue realignment

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Bev has extensive specific oncology scar work training with restore therapy and breast cancer-specific. 

Scar Specialist in Restore Oncology and Sharon Wheeler's ScarWork.

Bespoke Exercise Prescription

Tailored to suite your individual needs

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You will be given tailored exercises to target specific issues. This might be to strengthen, realease, self-treat pain or improve co-ordination of functional movement.   

Scar Work
Myofascial Release

A gentle approach to healing and soft tissue realignment


Myofascial Release is a hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the muscle and surrounding soft tissue to release tightness in the muscle and help restores the natural slide and glide between the soft tissue layers.

Scar Work Therapy

I have been seeing Bev since mid December 2022, primarily for Sharon Wheeler Scar Therapy.  In the last 4 years I have undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy, breast surgery and reconstruction due to Breast Cancer diagnosis.  My range of motion in my left arm has been severely limited due to this and I also developed lymphodema due to all my lymph nodes being removed.  Having been told about scar therapy by a friend of a friend, I found Bev.  In just 3 sessions the results have been amazing.  My range of motion is back to normal with tightness having been released due to this therapy.  We are now working on the lymphodema, fingers crossed!  Bev has been so very kind, constantly thinking of things that might help and forwarding on to me.  If you have had breast surgery, I highly recommend you contact Bev and let her work her magic! 
Sharon Wheeler ScarWork | Bev Ball Pysio | Peterfield

Find out more about Bev's Scar Work Massage therapy at her clinic in central Peterfield. 

Petersfield Parkinson's Exercise Classes

Bev's Skills and enthusiasm for exercise in counteracting Parkinson's Disease really shows through her work.   She is professional, friendly and always encouraging her clients and the best physio near me!

Find out more about Bev's Parkinson's  exercise classes at the Avenue Pavilion in Petersfield, Hampshire.

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